Help Us raise Money Help us raise money by spending time online with Benefit Bar.
When you click on the Benefit Bar logo on the Vaughan PVA web page it will take you to our custom Funding and Savings landing page. This page contains a group of revenue and savings activities that are accessed at a press of a button. The landing page is displayed with these features: Go to next Tab
  1. The Vaughan PVA logo will identify the page. Save this page as a favorite and you can also use it for your everyday internet searches, or product and shopping searches that provide savings for you and funding for Vaughan PVA. Share the page with family and friends.
  2. You will see the campaign that we are currently focusing on, which will show how your activities are helping us. It gives you a real time connection to what we are trying to accomplish, and a view of what we are doing with the funding you create for us.
  3. You will see a step by step explanation of how the program works, and how you can participate on a daily basis.
  4. The revenue and savings activities are accessed through a click of the buttons displayed on the top and bottom of the page. The buttons give you a quick summary of the activities which are currently comprised of : FREE GAMES ( PC and Mobile) , SURVEYS, VIDEO’S ( PC and Mobile), SPECIAL OFFERS ON PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, AND SEARCH AND SHOPPING. All revenue activities such as games and video’s are monitored by Benefit Bar. We offer this program to school and church organizations, so we are aware of what parents or guardians may find objectionable.

Here is a more detailed view for each revenue/savings activity:

  1. FREE GAMES. How much does someone pay now to download to their PC or Mobile device to play today’s popular games ? Through our program there is NO COST. Vaughan PVA gets paid for you to play games for free!
  2. SURVEYS. You will be able to take surveys on a daily basis . These surveys do not ask for personal information. What they do for you is to allow you to give voice to your opinions on a variety of products, services and other topics. And the survey people will provide us revenue for doing so.
  3. VIDEO’S. The topics are wide ranging from new product demonstrations to short subject’s, etc. These are entertaining and informative, and you will help us by watching them.
  4. SPECIAL OFFERS. Through this portal you will be presented with offers on specific products and services. These offers can change daily. So click this button daily to see if there is something that was exactly what you were looking for, and a great price!
  5. SEARCHING. Now, when you are looking for everyday products and services on-line , you will generate revenue for us, and savings for you. Use the search box on this page to look for your item ( or again for general search purposes, as it serves both needs) . Anytime you click on a paid add, that will show on the search results page, we get some revenue ( those are the adds that are above what is called the web results, and usually shown in a shaded area).
  6. SHOPPING. Tied into number 5 above, when you decide that you wish to purchase something, you will see that there will be discounts for that product or service on a daily basis. With over 2500 merchants participating in our program, and offering over 30,000 coupons a day, you are likely to find what you are looking for, at a great price, and will be helping the Vaughan PVA cause. For those of you who may not find it convenient to travel to these merchants, you now have access to products and savings on-line.
So we are very excited with this ability to provide sustained , no cost funding to support the work of Vaughan PVA. New revenue streams will be offered on an ongoing basis. So stay with us , share the landing page link with family and friends, and help us make a difference.

GENERATE REVENUE WITH VERY LITTLE TIME OR EFFORT NEEDED!! Spending on average 15 min 2-3 times a week will have an impact in raising dollars for an organization you care about. Obviously the more time you spend the more dollars can be raised.

Out of the 7 activities on the Fundraising Page we are confident there are a few (if not all of them) that you normally do or would enjoy doing. Please do at least one or two of the following activities each day, or at least 2-3 times in a week.

  • “SURVEY”: one survey or any offer within the “survey” page.
  • “VIDEO”: 10 min of watching video ads.
  • “GAMES” on your computer: register and play one game for at least 10 min.
  • “OFFER” (most popular, survey, free, new, more): choose any of the sub headings within “OFFER” page and do at least 1-2 activity form any of the many choices.
  • “SAVINGS”: if you shop on line and need something, please check out the merchants within this site to see if the merchant you like are listed. Check out the coupons that may save you money. Also a certain % of the sale will be donated to your organization.
  • “SEARCH”: 5-10 searches or more; if you see any link under the word “ads” within the search result page, please click on and check out the site only if you need that information.
  • LEARN-EXPLORE-HAVE FUN doing searches while helping your organization.
  • “MOBILE”; from your smartphone please open the link of this page, then download 1 game and play for at least 10 min or more; HAVE FUN!!