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View Photos from the VPVA/AWBA 5th Annual Bowling Tournament!

VPVA  2024 5th Annual Bowling Tournament

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378 Veterans Provided Medical Assistance

200 Volunteer Hours Available

150 Hours of Sports & Rec Available Each Year

$237,236 in Services and Benefits Provided Annually

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"In attendance at my very first veterans wheelchair games I was an eyewitness as a quadriplegic father and son had a bonding experience.  The veteran participating in the wheelchair swallow came in dead last however his son ran and hugged him as if he had finished first.  I began to cry because I realize at that moment what PVA is doing for the emotional and spiritual well-being of its membership. Sports and recreation are just one area orchestrated by PVA facilitating a full range of life experiences for spinal cord-injured veterans. The greatest of which is the opportunity to serve and to meet your heroes, to volunteer and work as part of the solution. Finally meeting your peers facilitates self-identity and promotes positive self-esteem"

Gerald BrownGerald BrownTreasurer, Vaughan Chapter PVA

"I've been a member of PVA for seven years now and have been so blessed. I have received help, guidance, invaluable information, friendship, and a sense of belonging to our organization. So I wish to give back and look forward to doing all I can to make our organization as great as it can be and as necessary and empowering for you and future members as it is for me".

Cheryl GerdesCheryl GerdesAirborn Army Officer with a Bronze Star from the Perian Gulf War

2023 Portage USA Open Cashspiel

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