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In order to help provide voting members the opportunity to re-integrate into society and provide them the ability to attend events or accomplish goals that they may not normally be able to afford, Vaughan PVA offers a free $200.00 cash grant.

Voting MEMBERS! Attend a sport or recreational event such as a ball game, dinner, or theater and send in the receipt with an expense report form, then tell us how accessible the facility was, such as parking and entrance or bathroom and counters, and if you recommend the place pointing out any problems, you'd like us to address, if needed, and get fully reimbursed up to $200.00 per year! Yes, that's correct; refunded up to $200.00 per year! You can use the funds to cover the travel, lodging, food (NO alcohol), or event tickets. If you use a partial amount of the $200.00, the remainder is available until the fiscal year ends! Call us now for ANY question/s! We're serious, so try us! Can you believe that only a few members use this fund every year? Neither can I, so let's let the cat out of the bag and do something with our precious summertime and great weather while it lasts! (Fiscal year 10/1/2023 to 9/30/2024)


The following guidelines will be followed for the reimbursement of all expenses:

  • Reimbursements will be paid to all voting members the month following their submission if Vaughan PVA funds are available.
  • Reimbursements will be limited to $200.00 each fiscal year and any remaining amounts will also be considered if submitted within the same timeframe.
  • Reimbursements will be limited to events, dinners, and other activities unrelated to gambling and alcohol consumption and must directly affect the member.
  • Any questionable reimbursements must be brought to the Board of Directors for final approval.
  • The member needs to provide receipts and must complete and submit an expense report for reimbursement.
  • OPTIONAL: Brief statement describing if the place attended is wheelchair accessible and if you would recommend it to other members.


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