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Resources for Veterans

The Vaughan PVA connects members to resources spanning Veterans' affairs and benefits at the national, state, and local level. Explore resources relevant to Veterans, including education and employment, financial, general, and mental health, housing, legal advice, and more.

Need assistance locating or using resources? Contact your Vaughan PVA Office for additional assistance.

National Veterans Affairs Resources
  • Paralyzed Veterans of America
  • Fisher House
  • US Department of Veterans Affairs
  • U.S. Department of Justice Americans with Disabilities Act ADA
  • United States Access Board
  • Mesothelioma & Veterans
  • Mesothelioma Veterans Center
  • Veterans Treatment Centers

  • State and Local Resources
  • Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Illinois Secretary of State
  • City of Chicago Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities
  • Accessible Public Transportation Info
  • Special Needs Checklist: How Disability-Friendly is Your City? 

  • Assisted Living Resources
  • Assisted Living
  • Assisted Living for People with Disabilities
  • Comprehensive Senior Veteran Caregiver Guide
  • Paying for Assisted Living and Home Care in Illinois

  • Educational and Employment Resources
  • Jobs for Former Military
  • Veteran Resume Builder
  • Vets Guide to College
  • Career Change Military to IT
  • College Guide for Veterans and Service members
  • Introductory Guide to Military Social Work
  • Social Work Licence Info
  • Vocational Training for Adults with Special Needs
  • Grantham University Online
  • PVA Educational Scholarship Program (PDF) 
  •  Guide to Financial Aid and Scholarships for Veterans
  • How to Become a Military Nurse 
  • Scholarship Guide for Families and Dependents of Military Service Members and Veterans
  • Guide to Mental Health for Veterans in College
  • Veterans' Guide to Vocational Schools and Apprenticeship Programs
  • Veterans Transportation Career Guide

  • Financial Resources for Veterans
  • Managing Your Finances Before and After Deployment
  • Financial Benefits of A Military Career
  • Financial Assistance For Homeless Vets
  • Home Buying Resources
  • Credit & Debt Counseling
  • Debt Reduction Services
  • Fiscal Tiger Financial
  • Credit Guide for Military Members and Their Families

  • General Health Resources
  • COVID-19 Military Support
  • Healthcare System Guide for Retirees
  • Make the Connection - Help for Vets
  • Strength Sports for Vets
  • Dental Health
  • Sleep & Cancer
  • Sleep and Health
  • Consumer Safety
  • Veterans Guide to Health and Nutrition
  • Legal Resources for Veterans Dealing With Mesothelioma
  • Understanding TRT for Veterans and How it Can Help

  • Home Remodeling Resources
  • Ultimate Guide to Home Remodeling for People with Disabilities
  • How to Make a Home More User-Friendly for Deaf or Hard of Hearing People
  • Guide to Remodeling a Home for Adults with Special Needs
  • Home Design for Hearing Loss: Tips for Creating a User-friendly Home

  • Housing Assistance and Homeless Resources
  • Veteran Resources for Buying a Home
  • Apartment Assistance for Vets
  • How to Stop Living Out of Your Car
  • Homeless Veterans' Resources
  • National Coalition for Homeless Vets
  • Homes for Homeless Vets
  • Renters Rights for People with Disabilities
  • Homeless Healthcare Resources
  • Guide to Government Aid for Seniors

  • Legal Advice and Resources
  • Legal Advice for Vets
  • Veterans Law Attorneys
  • Legal Resources for Veterans Dealing With Mesothelioma

  • Mental Health Resources
  • Help for PTSD & Substance Abuse
  • Guide to Finding a PTSD Therapist
  • Support for Veterans and their Struggles

  • Parenting Resources
  • Child Transition to Adult
  • Childhood Trauma & Addiction

  • Sports and Recreation
  • Allen Force - Vet Tanks

  • Substance Abuse Resources
  • Veterans and Addiction: A Guide for 2019
  • How to Prevent Alcoholism
  • Alcohol Rehab Help
  • Granite Recovery, Addiction Treatment
  • Jade Veteran Treatment Program
  • Drug Rehab Guides for Addicted Veterans & their Families
  • The Recovery Village
  • Rehab Center
  • Denver Recovery Center
  • Alcohol Rehab Guide
  • Opioid Epidemic Info
  • Drug Dangers
  • Addiction and the Brain
  • Veterans & Addiction
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • RehabSpot
  • Drug & Alcohol Addiction Support Groups
  • Bulimia and Alcohol Addiction

  • Travel Resources
  • Make Disabled Flying Less Stressful
  • Assistive Technology Makes Cars Accessible for People With Disabilities

  • Nutrition Resources
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Nutrition for Cancer Patients

  • Shopping Resources
  • Senior Wisdom: Life's Journey through Jewelry

  • What is Autonomic Dysreflexia?

    What is Autonomic Dysreflexia?

    May 16, 2023
    By Robert Statam, NSO Autonomic dysreflexia, also known as hyperreflexia, means an over-activity of the autonomic Nervous System causing an abrupt onset of excessively high blood pressure. Persons at risk […]


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