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The Vaughan PVA maintains a program of advocacy in which local, state, and federal laws will be monitored in order to ensure compliance with mandates relative to accessibility and barrier-free design issues. The program will advocate on behalf of PVA members and all disabled persons using all available resources, including testimony, public speaking, and representation.

Areas of Concern and Interest:

  • Public and private compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act;
  • Barrier-free design;
  • Accessibility of transportation;
  • Building codes;
  • Civil rights, Section 504;
  • Housing for the disabled.



Through Vaughan's advocacy program, PVA offers the latest disability rights information and resources related to health, travel, housing, voting, and more. In addition, we help you find specific information about the Americans with Disabilities Act, state laws, and other laws that protect your rights — and the rights of all individuals with a disability. The PVA also networks with several other nonprofit disability advocates to communicate, collaborate, and reach common objectives.

PVA Vaughan Chapter advocates for individuals with SCI/D by speaking out on important and relevant local issues at our Illinois State Capital and works with federal agencies such as the Department of Justice to ensure that nondiscrimination laws are implemented and enforced. Please contact to be involved in a committee or if you need assistance.


Paralyzed Veterans of America's Legislative Priorities for the Second Session of the 117th Congress are available. Click here

PVA works with policymakers to implement legislation to improve benefits and healthcare services for veterans and their families.

Our Legislation Program plans, coordinates, implements, and advocates for much-needed policy changes with the State of Illinois, the United States Congress, and federal departments and agencies. Through our relationships with federal, state, and local policymakers, PVA ensures that veterans, their dependents, and survivors, receive the best benefits and highest quality health care available. These benefits include compensation, pensions, insurance, housing, and employment. PVA also networks with several Veteran Service Organizations to communicate each other's needs, organize, and achieve common issues. Please contact to be involved in a committee or if you need assistance.

Vaughan PVA representatives at press conference for the Veterans Preventative Health Coverage Fairness Act.

 Officers and Board of Directors who traveled to Hill for Congressional Visits during the 2020 Advocacy/Legislation seminar.

Officers and Board of Directors who traveled to Hill for Congressional Visits during the 2020 Advocacy/Legislation seminar.

(Left to right) Anthony Powell-Vice President, Josue Cordova-President, Robert Statam-NSO, Sen. Tammy Duckworth at a press conference covering the Veterans Preventive Health Coverage Fairness Act.

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Pushing Access Forward 2023


Washington D.C Advocacy Trip

Washington D.C Advocacy Trip

March 9, 2023
This past week, nearly 100 advocates from the Paralyzed Veterans of America visited Congressional legislators and staff members from across the nation with the theme “Pushing Access Forward”. This was […]
Vaughan PVA 2023 Capitol Hill Advocacy Visit

Vaughan PVA 2023 Capitol Hill Advocacy Visit

May 17, 2023
Okay, it’s been a slow recess for Congress as they were all on the campaign trails, but there are two things the government is working on. The first one is […]


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