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Vaughan PVA Officers


Anthony Powell, President

I would like to take a minute to introduce myself; my name is Anthony Powell; I am a Vietnam Veteran and a Paralyzed Vet. I am honored to be appointed interim President for the Vaughan Chapter. My main job will be leading the Board of Directors and working closely with the membership and being a voice for our members, especially at Hines VA Hospital. I will do my best to advocate for you and to learn everything that I need to become more knowledgeable and perform my duties in the best possible way. Hope to meet you in person at our upcoming events.


Gerald L. Brown, Treasurer

I was injured in 1964 paralyze from the neck down injury levels C5, C6, and C7. Fast forward, to the 1980s was the first time I was treated in a VA hospital.  On my hospital's first visit, I  met a Paralyzed Veterans of American Service Officer. That day my whole life changed; I already with an undergrad degree, in business administration majoring in accounting, and working on an MBA degree in finance and computer resource management. I was introduced to the Paralyzed Veterans of America and began volunteering my service as a member along with participating in various activities provided to members.

 In attendance, at my very first veterans wheelchair games, I was an eyewitness as a quadriplegic father and son had a bonding experience.  The veteran participating in the wheelchair swallow came in dead last however his son ran and hugged him as if he had finished first.

 I began to cry because I realize at that moment what PVA is doing for the emotional and spiritual well-being of its membership. Sports and recreation are just one area orchestrated by PVA facilitating a full range of life experiences for spinal cord-injured veterans. The greatest of which is the opportunity to serve and to meet your heroes, to volunteer and work as part of the solution. Finally meeting your peers facilitates self-identity and promotes self-esteem.

Dennis Scanlan, Secretary

My name is Dennis Scanlan, and I am a Marine Corp Veteran, and Vietnam served. I am honored to be appointed Secretary for the Vaughan Chapter. My main job will be assisting the officers and board of directors on my tasks and taking minutes at our monthly board of directors' meetings. I will do my best to meet the expectations of the board. I will do my best to perform my duties in the best possible way. I encourage all of you to attend our upcoming events thought-out the year and take the opportunity this great organization offers.


Josue E. Cordova, Past President

PVA National Vice President 

My name is Josue E. Cordova I’ve been a Vaughan Chapter member for the past 22 years.  In July 2016, I was appointed to the Board of Directors where I served until August 16, 2017, when I was appointed Vaughan Chapter President.   

Through these past years, I’ve witnessed as well as you the struggles our chapter has gone through trying to gain its independence to be the organization we’ve always envisioned it could be.  I as well as our incredible new officers and board of director members could no longer sit on the sidelines and not get involved.  We are working very hard to be leaders who lead by example and not just be men and women with new titles. 

In March, I had the opportunity to attend the 2017 Advocacy/Legislation Training Seminar in Virginia and Washington D.C. to petition for not only Paralyzed Veterans' rights but also for the rights of the disabled communities throughout the country.  In October 2017, I as well as our officers and Board members were able to attend the PVA National Board of Directors Conference to not only train and learn firsthand from our National and Chapter officers throughout the country but to show the National Board of Directors that Vaughan Chapter is ready to take the reins back to be leaders, not only in our community but throughout the country. 

As Vaughan Chapter President, some of my goals are to not only establish an independently functioning chapter but to ensure our members know that they are our priority.  We do understand that our members can’t do everything every time when it comes to being involved with the Chapter but if all our members can do something for our chapter sometimes, then we are definitely on our way to becoming a chapter that all other chapters with thrive to be like. 

Again, I am humbled and honored to hold this position as Chapter President.  I will work hard to be a Leader of example with my priority being my actions and not just words.


Vaughan Board of Directors

Daniel James

Bord of Directors

Vaughan National Service Officers

Winston Woodward

National Service Officer

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National Service Officer

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Executive Director

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Director of Fundraising and Sports & Recreation

Robert Arciola

Advocacy and Legislation Director

Edward Miller

Office Assistant


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